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Steffen Freund's day at Old Trafford - 22.10.05

As promised here is some more detail on the presence of ex-Spur Steffen Freund in amongst the Spurs away support at Old Trafford yesterday (22nd October, 2005).

Your webmaster meets Steffen Freund at half time. Steffen's son is next to him. Thanks to Dave Fuller for this shot.

Around the time of kick-off, I received a text from my friend Bruce Lewis, who said that Freund was indeed in the front row of the Spurs section, behind a THFC flag, proudly wearing more Spurs kit than probably any other away fan!

I had a look, and actually thought it must be a look-alike, and did not confirm till half time that indeed it was our former hero Steffen Freund himself!

I thought I would do the decent thing, and went to introduce myself. By this time Freund was being approached from all sides, and his young son was busier than a Dallas DWI lawyer, efficiently drawing Dad's attention to others who would like a word, picture and/or autograph.

Steffen was wearing his Hewlett-Packard Spurs shirt, from the 1999 Worthington Cup Final, which had been signed, I assume by his team-mates from that day. He told me that his son was a Man Utd supporter, and that he decided he would bring him the the game, but insisted he would have to sit in the Spurs section. Steffen also told me he was now a retired player.

Your webmaster meets Steffen Freund at half time. Thanks to Gerry Taylor for this shot.

I told Steffen how much he was loved, and that I had even seen him score at Stevenage! Steffen remembered that (I'm not sure the ball went over the line by the way!) and wanted me to make sure I told everyone about it! This I am happy to do, and would remind you that all reports on Freund's games are available via the Archive and Features section. (Check out Features for the Worthington Cup Final special)

Steffen responds to the I love Steffen Freund chants! Picture by Gerry Taylor

By the end of the game, word had got round and as we all lingered to savour the great result, the Spurs crowd started the "I love Steffen Freund" chant, and Steffen responded, as can be seen in one of the above pictures.

Elaine Lewis is pictured with Steffen Freund at half time at Old Trafford. Thanks to Bruce and Elaine Lewis for this picture

I am grateful to Bruce and Elaine Lewis for the picture of Elaine with Steffen, and to David Fuller and Gerry Taylor for the other three shots, one of which shows the back of your webmaster in conversation with the man himself.

I am told that Ralph Coates was also in amongst the Spurs contingent too, and I remember that a year or two ago my son saw John Gorman in the crowd, so it's great to know that former stars keep wanting to come back for more of their Spurs - just like us!

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