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Spurs Odyssey Preview - Spurs v Portsmouth - 18.01.09

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Full Record of Spurs -v- Portsmouth

Prem         Pl   W   D   L   For-Ag  Pts
Home          5   5   0   0   14 - 6  15
Away          6   2   1   3    4 - 6   7
Total (Prem) 11   7   1   3   18 -12  22
Football Lge
Home (Div 1) 13   4   6   3   27 -22  14
Away (Div 1) 13   3   5   5   14 -22  11
Total(Div 1) 26   7  11   8   41 -44  25
Total (Prem) 11   7   1   3   18 -12  22
Total(Div 1) 26   7  11   8   41 -44  25
Grand Total  37  14  12  11   58 -56  47

Last Six Premiership results:-


West Ham   0-2   Spurs
Spurs      0-0   Man Utd
Newcastle  2-1   Spurs
Spurs      0-0   Fulham
West Brom  2-0   Spurs
Wigan      1-0   Spurs


P'tsmouth  3-2   Blackburn
West Brom  1-1   P'tsmouth
P'tsmouth  0-3   Newcastle
Bolton     2-1   P'tsmouth
P'tsmouth  1-4   West Ham
Ar5ena1    1-0   P'tsmouth

Pos           P  W  D  L   F-A   GD  Pts
15 P'tsmouth 20  6  5  9  21-33 -12  23
20 Spurs     21  5  5 11  20-26  -6  20
Campbell, Campbell, you're a cad!

The Sun says:- "Pompey superfan John ‘Portsmouth Football Club’ Westwood will lead 3,000 travelling supporters to White Hart Lane on Sunday.

He declared: “Redknapp left us in the lurch and is going to have a bad 90 minutes listening to what the fans think of him.

“Defoe can expect his fair share of boos as well.” "

Well, I've got news for Mr "Portsmouth Football Club". The wails of despondent Pompey fans will be drowned out for the jeers of abuse for the fourth richest footballer in the Premier League (4-4-2 figures), if he has the bottle to play in this game.

The build up for this game has not been helped by the incredible timing of Hampshire Police who chose this week to charge 11 Spurs fans with "indecent chanting". Not only were they charged (and that includes a 13 year old boy), but they have been banned from Sunday's game, forced to report to their local police station at 3.30 p.m, just to make it impossible for them to get to Tottenham, and also to make it highly inconvenient for them even to watch their beloved team on the television.

Do not be deluded by thinking that the charges are all based on the highly obnoxious "Sol song". I am one of those who disowns this and other highly distasteful Spurs chants. However, I understand that some charges are based upon our long standing Ledley King chant, and shall we say the sort of abuse that used to be levelled at Graham Le Saux.

I am not condoning that either, but if the police are to rigidly enforce "indecent chanting " (note that the charges do not allege racist behaviour) then how does that leave us regarding well established chants? Do we now have to sing "The referee's a failure"? "Campbell, Campbell, you're a cad" ?

Rest assured that Sol Campbell (if he plays - and he did in their mid-week Cup game) will be constantly reminded of how roundly vilified he will always be by Tottenham fans. The man betrayed his so called "beloved club" for the fans' most hated rivals, and for the bucket-loads of filthy lucre he collected whilst at the wrong end of the Seven Sisters Road.

I have someone who sits near me who still applauds the man. I might need to be shackled if he does that this week-end.

All this drama is to be played out in front of the Sky cameras for their 4 p.m. game. A lot of the focus will of course be on Defoe, who made his first debut for Spurs nearly 5 years ago, in February, 2004 against Portsmouth! Sky will be happy if they get a game as dramatic as that one, which Spurs won 4-3, with a late goal off Gus Poyet's knee and a debut goal for Defoe, which he did not manage last week at Wigan. What a reception a goal from Jermain would get on Sunday!

In my view, Portsmouth are now a club in decline, and the rest of the season is going to be a big test for Tony Adams. Spurs would climb above Portsmouth with a win, but we are a club in such panic and disarray that there can be absolutely no confidence about that being achieved. My view is that we need an absolute minimum of 7 points from our next three games, and ideally that should start with home wins against Portsmouth and Stoke, before our visit to The Reebock at the end of the month.

Spurs have trialled out of contract Stephen Appiah this week, but it seems they are going to delay a decision on signing him, pending other transfer targets such as Wigan's Wilson Palacios. Spurs have coveted this man for longer than the week since he played so well against us!

For this week, it looks as if Spurs will have to make do with their current resources. There is not a lot wrong with the defence, but maybe Gareth Bale can be relieved at left back by the versatile Didier Zokora, or even Chris Gunter who can play left or right back. To be honest I would be concerned if Harry was to contemplate using a semi-fit Ledley King in the middle again, but we will need a blend of teeth and creativity which seems to be absent at present.

I am seriously concerned about our future, and have no confidence about the result whatsoever. Portsmouth are after all, just one of so many teams with an agenda against us that will fire them up beyond their normal performance levels.

Update 6 p.m. Sat. 17.01.09 - TOMORROW WE GO TWELFTH!

Okay, so Saturday afternoon's results did not go in our favour immediately, due to wins for Blackburn and West Brom, but it does mean that if we can win tomorrow, we will go twelfth, which would be our highest position of the season! That win is vital, and so will be a win in our next game at home to Stoke, who so nearly held out at Stamford Bridge for a shock win.

I am aware of a message being disseminated by the club about the possibility of people being thrown out and/or banned if there are problems Sunday.

The club is aware that some fans are planning to go dressed ‘ultra style’, i.e. hoodies & scarves across the face, and/or to change the words in the songs to ‘la-la-la’ in places but the stewards are going to have to err on the side of caution so people could still get pulled out.

There is a view that if Sunday goes well the 11 who are in court on Tuesday will get treated a lot better than if Spurs fans use Sunday to stick it to Campbell again.

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