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The Giller Index

"The Giller Index"

Spurs Odyssey is proud to have had Norman Giller writing for us since January, 2014.

Norman has had a long and illustrious career in sports journalism, and has always had Spurs close to his heart, even if he wasn't always allowed to write about them exclusively!

Norman has become such a prolific contributor, submitting an article every week, even whilst on a cruising holiday. I thought it right and proper to provide this "Giller Index".

   1. Introducing Norman Giller
   2. Timmy time for Tottenham
   3. Testing time for Tottenham
   4. Save your anger for ENIC!
   5. Taking goals to Newcastle
   6. How do we solve a problem like Soldado?
   7. Let's not throw the towel in just yet.
   8. A Stamford Bridge too far
   9. Hold your tongue Tim!
 10. Written in Arsenal-red blood
 11. A deeply personal blog
 12. Norman Giller's World Exclusive!
 13. Don't be dim. Cheer for Tim!
 14. Offering a balanced viewpoint.
 15. Norman takes me to task!
 16. Joking or not joking?
 17. Accentuate the positive.
 18. Now the axe has fallen.
 19. A cruising special!
 20. Still cruising!
 21. D-Day special
 22. Tales of World Cup Spurs
 23. The Argentine Connection
 24. More World Cup jottings
 25. Regarding Giovani Dos Santos
 26. Lionheart Dawson
 27. Ambassador Friedel
 28. Reviewing Seattle
 29. End of the phony war.
 30. Hell in Helsinki.
 31. Does Pochettino know his best team yet?.
 32. Smells like team spirit.
 33. The King is gunged. Long live the King!
 34. Desperately trying to think of positive things to say
 35. Kick-start needed on Saturday!
 36. News for Spurs Godfather Joe Lewis
 37. Take a deep breath and think Lilywhite
 38. A huge result for all of us!
 39. Remembering yesterday, and 56 years ago Saturday (October 11th 1958)
 40. The cold splash of reality
 41. Strictly Spurs talking
 42. The Why Factor
 43. Trick or treat at Villa Park
 44. Worst fears realised
 45. Comparing Rooney withh Greaves
 46. Enjoy a little optimism while we can
 47. The Spirit of Spurs is burning again!
 48. Point the "You're fired" fingers elsewhere
 49. Spurs at the Take-a-Liberty Stadium!
 50. It's good news week!
 51. Lady Luck riding shotgun for Spurs
 52. Stop trying to pigeon-hole Harry Kane
 53. It's not too late to join the Spurs Odyssey Quiz League!
 54. Don't boo your own!
 55. A kick in the history box
 56. Bow the knee to Aaron Lennon
 57. Build a protective wall around Harry Kane
 58. Positive noises coming out of The Lane
 59. Which Spurs team will turn up at Wembley?
 60. An excellent young side being groomed by Pochettino
 61. Norman Giller pays tribute to Dave Mackay
 62. Bring on the Tottenham Tots!
 63. We hoped for Harry kane. We got hari-kari.
 64. Vote Dave Mackay into the ultimate Spurs team!
 65. A collection of "Dannyisms"!
 66. Couch coaches unmerciful
 67. Challenge to Levy - publish the Tottenham manifesto!
 68. Spurs Odyssey quiz league decider!
 69. Now pick a 5-a-side team of foreign players!
 70. Now pick a the top 5 managers since Burkinshaw!
 71. Latest news on Jimmy Greaves
 72. The Captains' Table
 73. Spurs Odyssey Quiz League Champion announced!
 74. The John Cameron Story
 75. Peter McWilliam - The second man to win Spurs the FA Cup
 76. Arthur Rowe - Push and run coaching master
 77. Pat Jennings by Jimmy Greaves!
 78. My ultimate team
 79. The Welsh Connection
 80. Tomorrow's Tottenham
 81. Eddie Baily - The "Cheeky Chappie" of the Push and run side
 82. Tommy Harmer - The "Charmer"
 83. One more backward glance - Nicholson and Greaves
 84. Second Spurs Odyssey Quiz League launched!
 85. Keep calm. There s a long, long way to go.
 86. Be positive and progressive Pochettino!
 87. Popping my positivity pills!
 88. Let's have funds for old footballing warriors!
 89. Feeling older than Corbyn!
 90. Spurs growing into the season
 91. The season starts here!
 92. Norman's 100th book!
 93. The (Three) G-men!
 94. Strictly Tottenham Hotspur!
 95. Real test coming for Pochettino's pioneers
 96. Now for Everest
 97. Something very special is happening at Spurs
 98. Un pour tous, et tous pour un
 99. Spurs could have a Real problem
100. Norman visits Jimmy Greaves
101. Hugo's latest "worldie"
102. Couch coaches' criticism
103. A Likely (Lad) story
104. What a way to end the year!
105. There's something about Alli
106. Love you Madley!
107. Mousa Dembele - midfield artist
108. That "When Harry met Alli" moment
109. In Pochettino we must trust
110. Happy Valentines' Day Mauricio!
111. Now we definitely dare dream!
112. Blessing in disguise
113. Pochettino's cardiac kids!
114. Reality time folks!
115. Howay the lads!
116. The fox hunt continues
117. Dear Mauricio
118. Six big hits required!
119. Happy Birthday Dele Alli!
120. "Pochettino is putting together the most gifted Tottenham team of my lifetime"
121. Cutting through the black cloud of gloom
122. Lilywhite rottweilers
123. Quiz League Tiebreaker time!
124. Greet our new Quiz League winner!
125. The Managing Game (1) - Frank Brettell
126. The Managing Game (2) - John Cameron
127. The Managing Game (3) - Fred Kirkham
128. The Managing Game (4) - Arthur Turner
129. The Managing Game (5) - Peter McWilliam
130. The Managing Game (6) - Billy Minter
131. The Managing Game (7) - Percy Smith
132. The Managing Game (8) - Jack Tresadern
133. The Managing Game (9) - Joe Hulme
134. The Managing Game (10)- Arthur Rowe
135. The Managing Game (11)- Jimmy Anderson
136. The Managing Game (12)- Bill Nicholson
137. The return of the Spurs Odyssey Quiz League!
138. Eriksen needs to be loved!
139. Pochettino's Frustration
140. Jury is out on Sissoko
141. Raising Kane for Europe
142. Son brings sunshine to The Lane
143. Moscow trial for Pochettino's Sonshine Boys
144. A team to rival Bill Nicholson's Double Masters?
145. "Captain" Dier and the Tottenham Band of Brothers
146. Toby or not Toby? That is the question.
147. A lament for Lamela, the marmite man.
148. Vincent needs a Starry, Starry Night at Wembley.
149. Kevin Wimmer's own goal is a bit off.
150. Walker and Rose are backed for Glory.
151. Hurray for Harry Harry Hotspurs!
152. Let's pursue positivity for Pochettino!
153. Pochettino not perturbed by Alli's dive
154. Proper Gent Toby ready for Euro Duty
155. "Forty" Winks gets his wake up call
156. Kane and Able Alli give 2017 the kick of life
157. Janssen in danger of drowning
158. "Big Daddy" Harry Fathers a Hat-Trick
159. Hugo can hold up his head and hands
160. Pochettino catches magic of the cup
161. BBC are blind to Dele Alli assault
162. Poch must pick full orchestra
163. Thank you says birthday boy Jim, 77
164. Greavsie and Kane - no comparison
165. Revisiting the first ever Cockney Cup Final
166. All eyes on Vincent the dambuster
167. Eriksen is a Danish Art master
168. Bobby Buckle - A hero for all seasons
169. Born leader Dier steps up to the plate
170. Sonny side up for Man of the Match honours
171. Magician Dembele can help end semi-final jinx
172. Blame Game unfair on Pochettino
173. Jan epitomises the Tottenham team ethic
174. Poppycock - a 9-letter word for Rachel
175. It's looking good over the rainbow for Daniel Levy
176. Chingford Cyclone in Battle for No 10 scare story
177. Time to stop looking back to El Tel days
178. The Golden Double - Revisiting the greatest Spurs season
179. Captain Kane carries on a Spurs tradition
180. Walker caught in a world of whispers
181. A perfect day that even satisfied Bill Nicholson
182. Parker a perfect Peter Pan for tomorrow's kids
183. The No 2 Spurs shirt is made for Trippier
184. Barkley's banking on Tottenham
185. Pochettino plays the team card
186. Do it the Tammy way and Stand by your team
187. Sissoko can silence the Boo Boys
188. Rose plants seeds of unrest
189. No need to go all trembley over Wembley
190. Levy ready to splash the cash
191. Dele must pull his finger out
192. A Triumph for Professor Pochettino
193. Much ado about Nothing Nothing
194. There's an aura about Aurier
195. Comparing Harry with Greavsie
196. Secret is out about "the other" Harry
197. Twitter Twits should get off Dele's back
198. Harry has become the monster!
199. Let's get Real as Sanchez awaits call!
200. 200 up for me but Dier leads the way
201. Lloris or Jennings? Let's give Pat a big hand
202. Pochettino did not budget for a driverless Spurs
203. To be or not to be for Prince of Denmark Eriksen?
204. May the Foyth be with Pochettino
205. Gray and Keys spotlight gulf between Spurs and Stoke
206. Moronic to call for Pochettino's head
207. Our Harry hopes 2018 will be the Year of the Cockerel
208. Rifleman Jan has a left foot that shouts points mean prizes
209. I say...I say...I say. Harry & Son have become Batman & Robin double act
210. Christian has become the Tottenham Metrognome
211. Newport drone like wasps at a picnic for Pochettino
212. 100-goal hero Harry becomes the new master of suspense
213. Unique Dembele is the Spurs slalom master
214. Pochettino cups are overflowing
215. Spurs need to go on the wing Jones style
216. Son can scale the Juventus human wall
217. Pochettino in Casualty episode
218. Will Wembley make Mourinho home sick
219. Pochettino is nobody's April Fool
220. Christian makes it a very Happy Easter for Spurs
221. Birthday Boy Dele is growing on Spurs
222. Tottenham need to see much more of Moura
223. Sugar's view of Spurs is too sour
224. Who will be Spurs Odyssey Quiz King no. 4?
225. Old King David regains crown as Spurs sweat
227. Danny Blanchflower - This was his life
228. Bale wonder goal means goodbye instead of good buy (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part 1)
229. "Our Harry" Kane the "Compleat" Footballer (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Two)
230. Levy tick boxes nearly full as Spurs eye Jack the Lad (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Three)
231. Our Harry on top of the world (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Four)
232. Arise Sir Harry! (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Five)
233. Cup overflows for Tottenham Captains(+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Six)
234. Farewell to The King of The Lane (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Seven)
235. Capitaine Hugo Spurred to a VARnished World Cup triumph (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Eight)
236. Skipper Perryman and Spurs pals do Gilly proud(+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Nine)
237. Bale for Spurs - it's all fake news, folks (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Ten)
238. Buckle up for a season to remember (+ Danny Blanchflower - Part Eleven)
239. Can anybody topple SOQL King David? (+ Danny Blanchflower conclusion )
240. Hip Hip Hooray, Lamela is ready to rock 'n' roll
241. Who could ask for anything Moura?
242. Our Harry needs a breather.
243. Don't panic...but stop the self harming!
244. Chas Rockney will live on at Tottenham
245. Penalty King Harry puts statisticians on the spot
246. SOS...Support marmite man Sissoko
247. 10-4 ...Bill Nick's astonishing introduction
248. Lamela's glory march against the Hammers
249. We are all spurring Glenn on
250. Levy must spend or there could be fireworks
251. Juan of our own Foyth does it the Pochettino way
252. Harry, the prize guy
253. Pochettino and Bill Nick, peas in a pod
254. Toby or not Toby? That is the question
255. Balletic Dele has Spurs on their toes
256. Pochettino will plot to stop a Brexit in Dortmund
257. Spurs' Christmas wish is that Pochettino stays
258. Our Harry MBE knows which honours count
259. Jones the Legend is cheering on Harry the Hero
260. That's another fine mess Spurs have gotten in
261. Late-late Winks goal should wake up Levy
262. Hardly a happy 100th birthday tribute to Bill Nicholson
263. Sonny drives himself to edge of exhaustion
264. And the award goes to ..... Hugo Lloris
265. Birthday Boy Jim was made for Spurs
266. Pochettino volcano erupts
267. Banks spirit can inspire Tottenham
268. Tottenham in Carry On Cleo collapse
269. The day Dave Mackay refused to walk
270. Pochettino faces mother of all months
271. Hugo made to look an early April Fool
272. Spurs have grounds for hope
273. Moura and Son - to bench or not to bench?
274. Pochettino must clean Ajax from the mind
275. Who will be Spurs Odyssey Quiz King No 5?
276. Spurs quiz title goes down under
277. Moura still has Spurs singing his praises
278. Pouting Poch gives cause for concern
279. Prince of Denmark must choose between Spurs and Spain
280. UnVARnished truth about "Coco" Lamela, and a fond farewell to "Superfan" Morris
281. Jan Vertonghen should not sit out the NLD
282. Spurs hero Rowe and shooting of another kind
283. Spurs need Harry to be spot on against Palace
284. Becks and Kane reunited at Tottenham's Dream Stadium
285. Son reluctant star of Palace of VARities
286. Hugo recovers after his mad Les Mis moment
287. Mourinho instead of Poch? You must be joking!
288. Pressurised Poch must avoid the Watford Gap
289. Revived Dele must focus on the glory march
290. Gazza saves Spurs from drowning in a Liverpool red sea
291. Sorrowful Sonny will need careful observation
292. It's back to the drawing board for Pochettino
293. The other Harry needs to score for Tottenham
294. Poch has laid the foundation for Mourinho
295. Jose (or is it is brother?) awakens the old Dele
296. Sonny measured alongside legend Jimmy Greaves
297. What Jose and Boris have in common
298. Martin the Master would have curbed Chelsea
299. Bale for Eriksen just might be a Real swap
300. The Great Tottenham Hotspur Mystery
301. It's King Harry not Prince Harry that Spurs are concerned about
302. It's crunch time for Mourinho and Tottenham
303. Hello Lo Celso. Farewell Prince Chris Eriksen
304. Bergwijn takes Greavsie-style Spurs bow
305. Cliffie Jones: Jimmy Greaves saved my life
306. "Sir" Jimmy could show Spurs how to find the net
307. Tyson Fury is the man for Tottenham
308. Honeymoon is now over for Mourinho
309. Lo Celso looks like the new Ossie Ardiles
310. Keep Calm and Carry On
311. The 100 club - from The Duke to Harry "The King" Kane
312. When Greavsie wanted ice skates instead of boots
313. "Our Harry" Kane keeps everybody guessing.
314. Greatest Spurs of my near eighty years
315. Much-maligned Levy is getting it right for Spurs
316. Greavsie and I are victims of fake news
317. The Virus is victorious over football
318. Who will be the SOQL champion No 6?
319. All hail Spurs Quiz Queen Emily!
320. Left, right, left, right...Our Harry is bang on target (+ Cliff Jones)
321. Flashback to Bill Nicholson at the Double.
322. Jose must be a super salesman to keep Harry.
323. Jose and Ole go head to head (we hope)(+ Jimmy Greaves Part 1)
324. Bergwijn's goal eclipsed by the wrath of Keane (+ Jimmy Greaves Part 2)
325. Dier desire can show Spurs the way to win (+ Alan Gilzean profile)
326. Grinning Gooners could have Jose groaning (+ Martin Chivers profile)
327. Toby silences the enemy within Spurs (+ Glenn Hoddle profile)
328. King Kane sets his sights on The Palace (+ Teddy Sheringham profile)
329. Jose leads Spurs into Europe HIS way (+ Robbie Keane profile)
330. Silverware or nothing for Mourinho (+ Jermain Defoe profile)
331. "Lazy" Spurs need a Mackay-Style leader plus "This is your life - Harry Kane"
332. Kane, Son and Bale will cause treble trouble
333. THE VARMINTS - Stop the football world, I want to get off
334. Lamela lament as Spurs hit United for six
335. Tottenham TNT Trio all set to explode
336. I don't believe it as the Spurs bubble bursts
337. Sonshine Boys best double act since the G-Men
338. Heads it's Bale and tails down for Brighton
339. Reguilon will become a super Spurs regular
340. Clemence was a ray of light for Spurs
341. Kane and Dier the heart of Jose's Spurs
342. Jose becomes the cunning silver fox
343. Harry & Sonny double up for a record run
344. Jose insists Hugo is still the boss
345. Santa Jose must deliver League Cup present
346. Could Dele be on Pochettino's shopping list?
347. Centurion Sonny gives Spurs a winning injection
348. Babyface Devine makes divine Spurs debut
349. The Jury returns its verdict on Ndombele
350. Birthday Boy Jose wants his present against Liverpool
351. Time for Bale to bail out from Spurs?
352. Our Harry seeks the Tom Brady Midas touch
353. In out, in out. Shake it all about.
354. Send in the men in the white coats
355. Triple Crown puts Gareth in the mood to show his class
356. Souness sourness bounces off born-again Bale
357. Red card wrecks Erik's rabona masterpiece
358. A Kane Mutiny unless Spurs win a trophy?
359. Hugo's rant is a message to the boss
360. What I would advise Harry if I was his Dad
361. Julian for Jose looms closer as Spurs slump
362. Adios Jose as Lewis and Levy sell our souls
363. My 70 years of Spurs
364. Hat-trick hero Bale follows his line of duty
365. "Les Mis" Hugo is man of the match
366. Who will be our SOQL Champion Number 7?
367. Peter The Great takes quiz title as Spurs sparkle
368. Big Brother Charlie has Our Harry City bound
369. City now know they definitely need Harry
370. Hugo the boss as Spurs ride their luck
371. Nuno is tops as Gunners fire blanks
372. Nuno does not need this pantomime
373. Dispirited Spurs should try the RaduCANDO way
374. Farewell to the greatest of them all
375. It's back to the drawing board for AJ and Nuno
376. Bring me Sonny with his smile and style
377. Why Harry Kane and co. should watch Greavsie
378. Harry was not auditioning for Newcastle
379. Farewell Jimmy and also to the spirit of Spurs
380. No no to Nuno as Levy wields his axe again
381. Conte considers the great Kane dilemma
382. When Greavsie and Mackay were reunited
383. No ketchup as Conte plays catch up
384. Skippy does not deserve this kangaroo court
385. Conte needs to find a clone of himself
386. It's a Christmas cracker for determined Dele
387. Tottenham spirit soars in the age of Conte
388. Levy and Lewis must splash the cash
389. What d'you think of it so far?
390. The Spurs Job? "What-a mistake-a to-a make-a"
391. Daniel Levy must back Conte or he could walk
392. Too soon to judge swedebasher Kulusevski
393. Bill Nick would not have tolerated this run of defeats
394. Harry Kane became Greaves and Hoddle rolled into one
395. A double dilemma - The G-men versus Kane and Son
396. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's our Harry Kane
397. Bow the knee to the genius of Ronaldo
398. Conte sweats on the North London Derby
399. Time to cheer on ex-Gunner Patrick Vieira!
400. Conte has Spurs singing from the same hymn sheet
401. To Bees, or not to Bees for the Danish Prince
402. Tame Tottenham must play with fury
403. Romero and Dier are the heart of Tottenham
404. Sonny has Salah in his sights as NLD looms
405. Who will be SOQL champion no 8?
406. Quiz King David considers the future's Sonny
407. The three kings who will spur on Conte's conquerors
408. Spurs' Loan Ranger Kulusevski is no longer a hidden ace
409. Conte and Tuchel bring passion back to the Beautiful Game
410. Our Harry closes in on the Greavsie club record
411. Harry Kane, Spurs manager in the year 2035
412. Energetic,enigmatic Bentancur is the new Spurs Ghost
413. Football shows its respect to the old and the new
414. Arteta and Conte wait to count walking wounded
415. Lloris fumble sends fans into a frenzy
416. Let's please be careful with Conte's health
417. Greaves v Kane - The Great Debate
418. Sick note Darren could have made Spurs better
419. Bentancur gives impetus to the Conte Revolution
420. Conte must stop Spurs becoming a charity club
421. Tottenham still playing the Glory Game
422. Spurs must handle Harry and Hugo with care
423. Harry shuts up the sneerers and snipers
424. We could see a Conte exit before Easter
425. The script has been written for Harry and Jim
426. Confidence-crippled Hugo gets the Mississippi Blues
427. Kane and Greavsie would have been perfect double act
428. Sonny smiles with a Continent on his back
429. Daniel must sign record-breaker Harry for life
430. Champions League SOS for Conte in the San Siro
431. Jimmy Greaves would have cheered Our Harry
432. Chopper Harris lookalike Oliver promises more
433. It could be ciao Conte if he fails to master Milan
434. Crouch must see the point of Spurs finishing fourth
435. Stand-in Stellini sounds just like his old boss
436. G'Day cobber! Advice - ignore the cobblers
437. Sanchez boos put Spurs fans to shame
438. Pochettino looks Bridge too far
439. Moura goes from hero to zero
440. Ryan would make perfect Free Mason
441. Who will be SOQL Champion No 9?
442. The writing's on the wall as we go to penalties
443. Danny Boy lifts quiz king David to a hat-trick
444. The Kane Saga: Daniel keeps Bayern at bay
445. Postecoglou no longer has the Harry headache
446. Back to the future football has the Arthur Rowe factor
447. Maddison gardens a midfield harvest for the new Spurs
448. General Ange wins the battle but war is still to come
449. AI not AIA gives a Spurs summary
450. Bren Gun Johnson can be Tottenham's hidden weapon
451. The Spurs stroller Maddison opens up a new avenue
452. Ange's Angels revive memories of the Glory days
453. Romero and VDV get the Wells treatment
454. The day captain Mackay refused to walk
455. There's a touch of Bobby Charlton about James Maddison
456. A lesson from Shanks for Spurs fans
457. Now Ange must count the cost of his first defeat
458. Ange is ready to raid the Spurs treasure chest
459. El Tel and the broken dreams
460. Ange's Angels have a bit of devil about them
461. Sonny inspires Spurs to silence the warriors
462. The Phantom of the Opera strikes again
463. Vicario worthy successor to Hugo Lloris
464. Pedro wonder strike wakens FA Cup dreams
465. Bentancur snookers Man United
466. Tottenham must make the most of Timo timing
467. Vicario needs a muscular bodyguard
468. Johnson saves Spurs from the blues
469. Postecoglou must take the Sir Bill path
470. Goal King Eze feels welcome at Tottenham
471. Daniel must concede on concessions
472. Spurs need the spirit of Perryman
473. Harry and Son ready to fool defences again
474. Thanks for the laughs, Joker Joe
475. Daniel ready to bring in new partners
476. Ange prepares to splash the cash
477. The General supports Postecoglou
478. Who will be SOQL Champion Number 10?
479. Play it again Sam as Spurs Quizzers tie
480. Jolly good Fellows wins the SOQL championship

Norman's articles offer a deep insight into current affairs at Tottenham, and a unique inside view on our illustrious history.

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