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Fixtures and Results 1998-1999

Listed below are the fixtures and results of Tottenham Hotspur FC for the 1998-1999 season. Spurs Odyssey will endeavour to keep the list as up to date as possible. Click on the match name for the an eye-witness match report where available.

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Fixtures and Results 1998-1999

Sat August 15th Wimbledon (A) 1-3 Fox 23,031 20th
Sat August 22nd Sheffield Wednesday (H) 0-3 32,129 19th
Sat August 29th Everton (A) 1-0 Ferdinand 39,378 14th
Wed September 9th Blackburn Rovers (H) 2-1 Nielsen, Ferdinand 28,331 8th
Sun September 13th Middlesbrough(H) 0-3 30,345 12th
Tues September 15th Brentford (A)
(WC2 1stL)
3-2 Carr, Vega, Dominguez 11,831 Cup Match
Sat September 19th Southampton (A) 1-1 Fox 15,204 12th
Weds September 23rd Brentford (H)
(WC2 2ndL)
3-2 Campbell, Nielsen, Armstrong 22,980 Cup Match
Sat September 26th Leeds Utd (H) 3-3 Vega, Iversen, Campbell 35,535 13th
Sat October 3rd Derby County (A) 1-0 Campbell 30,083 11th
Mon October 19th Leicester City (A) 1-2 Ferdinand 20,787 14th
Sat October 24th Newcastle Utd (H) 2-0 Iversen (2) 36,047 8th
Tues October 27th Northampton Town (A)WC3 3-1 Armstrong (2), Campbell 7,422 Cup Match
Mon November 2nd Charlton Athletic (H) 2-2 Nielsen, Armstrong 32,202 9th
Sat November 7th Aston Villa (A) 2-3 Anderton pen, Vega 39,241 12th
Tues November 10th Liverpool (A)WC4 3-1 Iversen, Scales, Nielsen 20,772 Cup Match
Sat November 14th Arsenal (A) 0-0 - 38,278 14th
Sat November 21st Nottm Forest (H) 2-0 Nielsen, Armstrong 35,832 10th
Sat November 28th West Ham Utd (A) 1-2 Armstrong 26,044 12th
Wed December 2nd Manchester Utd (H)WC5 3-1 Armstrong (2), Ginola 35,702 Cup Match
Sat December 5th Liverpool (H) 2-1 Fox, Carragher o.g 36,125 11th
Sat December 12th Manchester Utd (H) 2-2 Campbell (2) 36,097 10th
Sat December 19th Chelsea(A) 0-2 34,881 13th
Sat December 26th Coventry (A) 1-1 Campbell 23,098 13th
Mon December 28th Everton (H) 4-1 Ferdinand, Armstrong (3) 36,053 12th
Sat January 2nd Watford (H)FAC3 5-2 Iversen (2), Anderton pen,Nielsen, Fox 36,022 Cup Match
Sat January 9th Sheffield Wednesday (A) 0-0 28,204 12th
Sat January 16th Wimbledon (H) 0-0 32,422 11th
Sat January 23rd Wimbledon (A)FAC4 1-1 Ginola 22,229 Cup Match
Wed January 27th Wimbledon (H)WC SF 1st leg 0-0 35,997 Cup Match
Sat January 30th Blackburn (A) 1-1 Iversen 29,643 11th
Tues February 2nd Wimbledon (H)FA Cup 4th Rd replay 3-0 Sinton, Nielsen (2) 24,049 Cup Match
Sat February 6th Coventry (H) 0-0 34,376 11th
Sat February 13th Leeds (A) FA Cup 5th Rd 1-1 Sherwood 39,696 Cup Match
Tues February 16th Wimbledon (A) WC SF 2nd leg 1-0 Iversen 25,204 Cup Match
Sat February 20th Middlesbrough (A) 0-0 34,687 13th
Wed February 24th Leeds United (H) FA Cup 5th Rd replay 2-0 Anderton, Ginola 32,307 Cup Match
Sat February 27th Derby County (H) 1-1 Sherwood 35,392 12th
Tues Mar 2nd Southampton (H) 3-0 Armstrong, Iversen, Dominguez 28,580 10th
Wed Mar 10th Leeds Utd (A) 0-2 34,521 11th
Sat Mar 13th Aston Villa (H) 1-0 Sherwood 35,963 10th
Tues Mar 16th Barnsley (A)FA Cup 6th Rd 1-0 Ginola 18,793 Cup Match
Sun Mar 21st Leicester City WC Final at Wembley 1-0 Nielsen 77,892 Cup Match
Sat Apr 3rd Leicester City (H) 0-2 35,415 12th
Mon Apr 5th Newcastle Utd (A) 1-1 Anderton (pen) 36,655 12th
Sun Apr 11th Newcastle Utd FA Cup S-F at Old Trafford 0-2 53,609 Cup Match
Sat Apr 17th Nottingham Forest (A) 1-0 Iversen 25,181 10th
Tue Apr 20th Charlton Athletic (A) 4-1 Iversen, Campbell, Dominguez, Ginola 20,043 9th
Sat Apr 24th West Ham Utd (H) 1-2 Ginola 36,089 10th
Sat May 1st Liverpool (A) 2-3 Carragher o.g, Iversen 44,007 10th
Wed May 5th Arsenal (H) 1-3 Anderton 36,019 10th
Mon May 10th Chelsea (H) 2-2 Iversen, Ginola 35,878 11th
Sun May 16th Manchester Utd (A) 1-2 Ferdinand 55,189 11th

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